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How to Hold Lag in the Downswing

Lag is one of the most important aspects of your golf swing. With good lag, you can significantly (but relatively effortlessly) increase your distance, as well as your accuracy. Overall, increasing your lag is probably the number one way to improve your game and lower your score. But there’s more to lag than just the angles and positions of your hands, arms, and club. One crucial element of lag is timing: When to create it, how long to hold it, and when to release it.

Holding your lag in the downswing for just the right amount of time is something that golfers of all levels struggle with. Many golfers – even experienced ones – tend to lose their lag just before hitting the ball. This significantly reduces the power of their swing and hurts their distance. In this short article we outline a simple, but highly effective drill that will essentially force you to hold your lag in the downswing perfectly.

The Problem

For many golfers, losing lag in the downswing is not a problem of forearm technique, or even timing: The root actually lies in the clubface. Many golfers tend to hold the clubface too open. With an overly open clubface, practically the only way to shoot the ball straight is using a “scooping” motion, with the club pointing straight down – in other words, with no lag. So they might start their downswing with a good amount of lag, but they lose it just before hitting the ball, in order to compensate for the open clubface.

The Solution

In order to solve this problem, what you’ll need to do is go to the other extreme – swing with an overly closed clubface. A good idea is to place an upright stick or a pole right in front of you when you practice. Hold your club with the face closed, and try a short swing. You’ll notice that the ball goes way to the left of the pole. In order to fix this, you’ll be forced to hold your lag in the downswing all the way.

Try a couple of practice swings, very slowly and without a ball. Be aware of your forearms, hands, and club position. You’ll want to make sure that at the end of your downswing, your club is leaning forward. A good way to do this is by looking at the position of your hands and the clubhead. Your hands should be right in front of your left thigh, whereas the clubhead should be lagging behind, where the ball would be. Do this a couple dozen times, until you feel confident that you can hold this forward-leaning position.

Then move on to short swings with a ball. If you’ve done the previous step properly, you’ll notice that the ball doesn’t fly to the left anymore – it goes straight. Do this a couple dozen times more, making only short swings, no more than 100 yards. Once you’re hitting the ball straight consistently, you can move on to longer swings.

Congratulations! At this point, you’ve significantly improved your lag. Enter this drill into your training routine, and you’ll be holding lag in the downswing like a pro in no time. For more information and Lag Shot training aid reviews please visit lagshotgolf.com

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