Teeing ground

As the definition quoted earlier in the book explains, the teeing ground is a rectangular area two club-lengths deep bordered either side by two tee-markers. You cannot move one of those tee-markers, but you can stand outside them provided the ball is teed between them. If at address you nudge the ball off its tee with your clubhead, ignore the person who says ‘one’. For a start, it is not ‘one’ – you simply replace the ball on the tee and play your shot – and besides, it’s a pathetic joke, which doesn’t merit a reply.

If you play a shot from outside the teeing ground, the rules vary according to the format of game you’re playing. In matchplay, your opponent may ask you the shot again, without penalty. In strokeplay, though, you incur a penalty of two strokes and then

have to play a ball from between the tee-markers. Incidentally, even if you play incorrectly from a back tee, when obviously there is no advantage to be gained, you are still in breach of the Rules.